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Luna Bread

Sourdough Starter

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The very sourdough starter we use to make our bread. Comes to you in a plastic bag, ready to transfer to your own jar. Everyone asks + the real answer is: I don't know, but best guesses is the original starter was made in at least 2015. We've made sourdough starter of our own and gifted it to family. We've moved + brought it along. We've received starter from family as well. Is this the original we made many years ago, or a received gift? Who knows. What we do know is it makes darn good bread. There is enough here to turn into a Levain to make a two loaf recipe of sourdough bread. So more than 50 grams of starter! 

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How Does it work?

Your Bread will always be picked up at Mattapoisett Park and Ride from the back of our delivery van on the day you chose.

What if I miss my pickup time?

You will still be charged for your bread. If you think you wont get there, arrange somebody to pick it up fo you. Coordinate with family, friends and neighbors, take turns doing the pickup!

Can I pay cash at pickup?

Yes, but must still set up an account with us in case you dont show up. Then your payment would default to the card you entered.